Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Everett WA - Off The Record, Oct 2004

Here's some pix from a gig I did with a cover band called Off The Record. I hope to do more with this group too. The cover band thing has a good money-making potential - providing the musicians can get themselves organized to do it (why is this ALWAYS the problem with musicians?)

On my right is Dominick, the drummer, who is trying to re-attach his nose to his face. I'm trying to make my mouth contort in a new way. To my left is Tim, the bassist, watching in mild amusement. The things musicians do when they're drinking!

A chill moment between songs

This looks like I am bending the pitch wheel with my left hand while soloing with my right, and simultaneously biting my lip. Uh, OK.

All for now. Have a great Day!


The future is here!

Hey, dig this! I just found it in a techie forum on the web. Its a picture taken in 1954 that shows a projection of what the "home computer" might look like in the year 2004. Check out the mariner-style steering wheel! I bet you could do some serious asteroid blasting with that!

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

The Piano

Well, today I was to move my piano, a baby grand, from my old place to the new place. Really, I shouldn't say "I" because I didn't move it. I hired it out to some professional piano movers. They did a great job of getting it out of the old place. But the rig they had was not suitable for climbing the hill with its three switch backs which leads up to my new place. So... they have to transfer it to another truck, and will bring it later - probably Friday.

I sure am glad there are people who specialize in moving pianos!

We are waiting to see if the Wet City Rockers are going to play a New Year's gig. I should know tomorrow. I'll post and email the location if its a go.

I finally set up my gear and practiced some tonite. It felt really good.

I want to post up some songs here and more pix tomorrow too.

Bedtime for Bonzo now. Bye!


Monday, December 27, 2004

Wet City Rockers

Hello Everyone,

Now I can get back to talking about music again. I did a few gigs with a reggae band from Seattle called the Wet City Rockers. They are young guys and play roots style, reggae standards and originals. You can download a couple of their originals here.

Here's a band pic followed by a couple of yours truly on keyboards. These were taken at Seattle's Studio Seven Club on November 12th, 2004. These guys are fun to play with. I hope I do more shows with them. The band leader Micah is a great guy, as are they all, and the drummer's wife has just had a new baby.

Monday morning....

It seems everything I have to do in life happens on Monday morning....and of course I slept in and got a late start!

No worries...another day of trying to finish up moving and arrangementrs. With luck, maybe I can set up the music room here in the new place and actually practice some music for a change - what a concept!

Last night I spent fixing a friend's computer - she had an Internet Explorer problem that was apparently being caused by some patch from Microsoft that she downloaded to fix something else. This happens a lot with Microsoft products, it seems.

I have been using Firefox lately, and it's good, but it has been catching on so fast that some types of support aren't yet available. For example, to watch news clip footage at I had to revert back to Internet Explorer because their site doesn't yet support Firefox.

Speaking of news, I was viewing the disastrous tsunamis that happened yesterday in the Indian Ocean. My God, what tremendous suffering! In one part of a live footage clip on CNN you could actually see children trying to cling to a building and being swept out to sea. I hope the USA and the world drop their squabbles temporarily and try to help these people as much as possible.

They said a number 9 earthquake off the coast of Indonesia caused the giant waves. A number 9 earthquake is no joke, people! It ripped a hole on the ocean floor hundreds of miles long!

Just so we Seattle people take note - a number 9 earthquake has been repeatedly forecast as a possibility for the Puget Sound area. The Nisqually quake here a couple of years ago was a number 6. The San Francisco quake a few years back was around a 7 I think.

So figure this - multiply the San Francisco quake by 10 to get a number 8 quake, then multiply the number 8 quake by another 10 to get a number 9.

That's right, my fellow Puget Sounders - San Francisco quake times 100. That's what happened yesterday near Sumatra.

Think about it.


Sunday, December 26, 2004

The morning after....Christmas!

Good morning all!

I had a very nice Christmas at home, and I went and visited two different friends as well. I visited some Filipino friends, who always seem to have great food just cooked whenever I go there. I came home with a really nice chicken-and-rice dish whose name I still can't remember, but fortunately I don't have to in order to eat it.

And visited an annual Christmas potluck with my Osho friends. Osho is a meditation master from India, passed away in 1990, whom I took a "sannyas initiation" from. Sannyas is an old sanskrit word literally meaning "free". It is usually applied to people who have an independent spiritual path. Traditionally, a sannyasin spends the bulk of his time meditating and wandering, and a sannyas may have (but does not always have) a spiritual master that guides him.

Osho took disciples on during his lifetime, and at one point there was probably over a million disciples all over the planet. But he never established a formal religion of any kind, and his disciples do not consider themselves as part of any religion. Suffice it to say that he was a teacher of great wisdom, who spoke on the scriptures and stories from all the world's great religions. Recurrent themes throughout his teaching were to be as awake and aware as possible, not take one's own mind too seriously, and use meditation as a means of opening up the treasures within one's own being. Also, he advocated doing therapeutic techniques if necessary to clear up emotional issues. He spent a bit of time researching and experimenting to develop new meditation techniques, which are still practiced not only by his sannyasins, but other people all over the world as well. He pioneered a concept called "active meditations" because he realized that for many people, the traditional idea of meditation as being a sitting practice only was not the best way. Many people prefer to arrive at a meditative state through some activity such as dancing, music, even sports. So he developed ways to begin with some activity, and gradually lead the mind to where it was ready for the inner silence of meditation.

Enough on Osho for now. I have some great pictures from some of my gigs, so I want to return later and start posting up pix. I read in the blogger manual that pix help out your blog. So hey why not?

Be back later,



Saturday, December 25, 2004

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Everybody!

Time for relaxing and enjoying, hanging out, visiting/having visitors, eating, giving and receiving and all the good things the holidays are for!

Have a ver Merry Christmas!


Thursday, December 23, 2004

Welcome again

Well, the little boy's Mom has taken him to Seattle, so I can get back to introducing you to my blog.

My music projects are my group, the Yoginis , and a band called Off The Record, which plays American R & B standards. I also play with an African Musician named Naby Camara , and I have an ongoing commitment to The African Knights.

My newest involvement is with an the Indian singer Chandana and her husband Sanjeev. I am very excited about it. It involves taking Chandana's excellent Indian songs and arranging them over western influenced beats and chord changes. She's an accomplished singer in India and you will be hearing more from her. Already she has many students here in the Seattle area. Her husband Sanjeev is a Q-Base master. Also working with us is the LA jazz guitarist Tony Henderson, who has played with me in my other groups at times. As this project evolves, and we make a website and play performances, we will keep you posted about the whole thing.

I usually record at the Studio Makuti, which my good friends Michel and Rosa Tyabji have. Their record label, Limitless Sky Records, has released music which has gotten very good reviews in the New York Times, the Village Voice, and other national publications. I am proud that the Yoginis CD will be on their label when it comes out.

I also have very many good friends making music in the Seattle area. My mentor and teacher is the great Brazilian pianist Jovino Santos Neto, a veteran of the world famous band of Hermeto Pascoal, and he helps immensely with his insights and suggestions. I go to his studio at the Cornish School of the Arts for my lessons with him.

One of my dearest friends is Paula Maya, who is a very strong composer, also from Brazil, whose records have also received very good reviews nationwide. She co-hosts the Brazilian music show Raizes, on the station KBCS.

Another mentor is Johnny Conga, who really helps me on the Latin side. He's a quite accomplished conguero from New York City and Miami. His band, Tumba Caliente plays a lot at the salsa dancing venues around town. He hosts the latin music show everySaturday night on KBCS.

And my good friends Suzy and Teri, the hearts of the Sister Guitar Band. The girls kick butt. Suzy sings R & B like nobody's business, and Teri's guitar drives it over the top. A must see group, if you live around Seattle.

And I could keep going, but you get the idea.....feel free to follow up, post, share, etc.


Welcome to Yogi's Music and World

Welcome to my blog. I live in Seattle where I am a musician and have many friends. This is a place for us to talk, hang out and tell each other about our gigs and projects. Networking and discussion, yo.

I live in Mercer Island with two friends and a five year old who says "hello" to everbody.

We are going to play and celebrate Christmas now. See you a little later on.