Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Everett WA - Off The Record, Oct 2004

Here's some pix from a gig I did with a cover band called Off The Record. I hope to do more with this group too. The cover band thing has a good money-making potential - providing the musicians can get themselves organized to do it (why is this ALWAYS the problem with musicians?)

On my right is Dominick, the drummer, who is trying to re-attach his nose to his face. I'm trying to make my mouth contort in a new way. To my left is Tim, the bassist, watching in mild amusement. The things musicians do when they're drinking!

A chill moment between songs

This looks like I am bending the pitch wheel with my left hand while soloing with my right, and simultaneously biting my lip. Uh, OK.

All for now. Have a great Day!


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