Tuesday, February 08, 2005

A few more pix


Here's some more tidbits from my trip.

Here's my friend and travel guide Leticia whose home we stayed in. She was a most gracious and educational hostess, and her family made sure everyone was well taken care of.

Here's several of the people I hung out with in the trip. From the left is Cherry, Josie, Alicia, Alberta, Leticia, me, and Abe. Alicia and Leticia are sisters, Alberta is their sister-in-law, Josie is their neice, and Cherry is Josie's roommate. Abe is Alicia's husband. Only Josie and Cherry live in the Philippines currently, the rest of us are from the USA. This was taken in our five-star hotel in Manila.

Here's the house I stayed in in the province of Pangansinan, north from Manila, in a town called San Quintin. Alberta and her husband Danny, along with Leticia, and her sisters, own this property. The house is currently being remodeled, and the view you see here is due to be completely demolished and replaced by a newer, Spanish-style home.

Here's my bed in my room. It was made of bamboo. It was really comfortable and had good back support. I slept really well most nights.

This is Shirley. She a Christian mystic who travels around the Philippines healing and giving massage. We made a good friendship. She is also close to Leticia's family, and lives about two blocks away from them.

Here we are buying pancakes in the market in San Quintin. The Filipino pancakes are corn pancakes, and are very light and delicious.

More pix later,

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