Saturday, February 19, 2005

New Bollywood Night at Maharaja Restaurant

Hey Folks!

Back to the music! I have been fortunate to know some musicians from India in Seattle, and here's a couple of cool things they are doing for you.

First, those of you who attended the Osho Sannyas Celebration at the Maharaja Restaurant know that one of the owners, Gopal Singh, is a very good Punjabi musician. His son Lucky, who is also my good friend is a musician as well. Some of you have come with me to eat the excellent Punjabi food they serve as well.

Gopal Singh, who co-owns the restaurant along with a friend named Jay, and Lucky have opened a small bar inside the Maharaja Restaurant, in the room where we had the party.

They are starting up a Bollywood night on Saturday nights starting 10pm and going until 2pm. They have hired DJ Can-Can to spin Bhangra and Bollywood hits for us, and they have a full bar, plus a small after-hours menu of Indian food.

The Grand Opening is tonite, Feb 19th. Grand Opening is FREE with $2.00 Well Drinks. Here's the poster. FREE, people! DRINKS for $2.00, BOLLYWOOD and BHANGRA MUSIC!

Come on, does it get any better than this? Of course not! I'll be there with my friends, so come on out. It's at 720 E. Pike St, which is one block west of Broadway on Pike St in Capitol Hill. It has a yellow sign that says Maharaja and is next to a car dealership.

Next time, I'll have some live-band Indian/Bollywood gigs for you. I have been collaborating with a well-known Bollywood singer. So check this blog every couple of days for new posts.

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