Saturday, March 19, 2005


Hi Everyone,

It's Saturday, it must be Florida! Actually, I got here Thursday and have been chilling at my brother's house in Tampa, working on some websites and seeing a few sites.

My brother has a nice home here in the Northeast part of town, which is called New Tampa, because it has mostly been built in the last 25 years. here's his wife in front of their house, and then a nice sunset shot from right behind his "Florida Room". A Florida room is the local terminology for a screened in back patio area.

We also visited a local fruit stand, and in addition to the beautiful checkout girl, there were the biggest lemons I've ever seen. That's my hand in the picture, so you can see the lemon is as large as a grapefruit.

I also took a walk in anearby park and saw some of the real Florida - saw palmetto forest, lazy rivers and sunshine:

And then we enjoyed sushi in Ybor City, which is a historic part of old Tampa and has a strip with lots of bars and restaurants. This is me with my brother on my right, his wife on my left, and a close friend that treated us to the sushi.

All for now. See you soon!

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