Wednesday, December 14, 2005

YOGI and theYOGINIS this Friday night!

My band the YOGINIS are playing Friday Night

Yoginis Songbird CD cover

This is the cover of our new Songbird CD EP coming out before the New Year.

Last chance to see my band before I go to India to record more original music.

You will see a preview of things to come in the spring.

Vocalists Samia Panni and Hilary Harris will bring us sweet harmonies, and Latin percussion powerhouse Johnny Conga will be working together with veteran drummer Ed Mays and solid bassist Tim Romain. Mike Deasy will be manning the horns. I'll be on keys, as usual.

This is a FREE SHOW at an intimate venue – ALL AGES, SMOKE FREE, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and also snacks.

In short – a NICE gig. Plus you get to see us playing our originals as well as our repertoire of cool Brazilian Jazz, a little Latin Jazz and possibly a preview of some the Indian/Jazz material we'll be working in Delhi in January and February.

The time: 8pm -10pm Friday, December 16th


Coffee to a Tea w/Sugar
4541 California Ave SW
Seattle WA 98116 (206) 937-1495

Great selection of Beer, Wines, Coffee, Teas, Bake Goods from scratch, Sandwiches and other Hobbit Goodies. SMOKELESS environment, ALL AGES (KID FRIENDLY),

The music at Coffee To A Tea is managed by Michael Clune, a talented keyboards player and songwriter in his own right, who often performs his music there too.

You PERFORMERS who like cool coffee house gigs with hip knowledgeable people who LISTEN to the music need to know about this place, and talk to Michael about working there. They have music every weekend.

Yogi's trip to India

That's right, in January and February I will be in New Delhi, recording new Yoginis material with tabla virtuoso Vishal Nagar, who also plays on our CD. I will also have a chance to get to the Punjab and visit Pune. Then I'll go to the Philippines for a couple of weeks to chill with some friends. I'll have my camera and be posting on this weblog while I'm gone, like I did last year on my Philippines trip.


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