Saturday, April 15, 2006

Newsletter changes

Hello Readers of my music newsletter,

I am trying to set up my music news so that it operates from gmail. So when you reply yo the music emails they will come to my gmail address:

I check all my emails everyday, but you can send personal emails to me at the email address you already have for me. Bot no worries, I will get them at any correct email address you have for me. I have already put you in my gmail contacts, so there's no need to reply to this for that purpose.

I will be getting the next music newsletter out in a few days because there are several intersting gigs coming up next weekend. The newsletters will always come with the header Yogi's Music News followed by the date. You should not be getting everybody's elses email address, because I use the BCC field to send them out.

If you are getting everyone else's email addresses in a whopping huge email header PLEASE let me know so I can work with gmail to fix it.

Thanks, and visit my sites listed below:

Yogi-- Yogi's Sites:Music newsletter is
The Yoginis band is
Personal site is
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