Sunday, August 20, 2006

Yogis Music 8-20-2006 Yoginis now on CD Baby!

Hi Everyone,

This is a special newsletter to announce our CD-EP is on the CD Baby website. Also a couple of gigs from some friends

Here's the hot links to our friends gigs:
Amusicator, announcing a new Saturday night Reggae/World series at Dante's restaurant and bar

Thomas Marriott's Willie Nelson Project (Willie like you've never heard him before!)

Irene Chigamba, mbira (African thumb piano) from Zimbabwe.

Yogi and the Yoginis

Our CD EP Songbird is on CDBaby!

Go to and go to the world: samba page, or search the site using "Yoginis" in the Search field. $6.99 and it's yours! (Dang, I almost paid that much to make each one of those things!)

PLUS, we have a gig on

Sept 9th at Dante's in the U-District
5300 Roosevelt Way, Seattle WA 98105

Dante's is a nice "underground" club with nice decor, a room for the band and dancing with a good sound system, a big video screen for graphics behind the band, another room with pool tables and machines, fronted by a restaurant - good food, full bar and microbrews on tap.

The gig is arranged by Dawa, leader of the group Amusicator, who is running a Reggae/World night every Saturday night at Dante's.

Amusicator also has a special gig this Wednesday, the 23rd there:

Amusicator (Reggae and new influences)
August, 23 2006 at Dantes
5300 Roosevelt Way, Seattle WA., WA 98105

We're trying to bump it up in there so we can keep the place every Saturday, so come and bring a friend, and buy a drink, because the musicians will get some of the bar profits if they sell a respectable amount of drinks. (Oh my God!!! Did I just encourage people to drink while enjoying music??? Where's the mayor in all this? - Hey - don't get me started on THAT!)

Also this week, we have:

Thomas Marriott, Jazz Trumpeter Exraordinaire

Attention Music Fans!

On Monday, August 28th at 7:30 pm, the Seattle Drum School will be
hosting a
sneak preview of Thomas Marriott's new ensemble: The Willie Nelson

This special sneak preview is being presented as part of the Geoff
Presents: Last Monday's
concert series at the Seattle Drum School, 12510 15th Ave NE (corner of
& 125th NE).
Call (206) 364-8815 for directions and details.

HIDMO Restaurant Sunday African Music Series

August 27 = Irene Chigamba

Zimbabwean Irene Chigamba makes a rare appearance at HIDMO, with mbira and soulful vocals.

African Music Night every Sunday (8-10 pm) at HIDMO East African Restaurant in Seattle (Detailed schedule for AUGUST 2006 below)

HIDMO East African Restaurant
2000 S. Jackson St
Seattle, WA
(206) 329-1534

Free Admission (donations welcome)
Nonsmoking venue
Live African music and east African cuisine

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Hey Music Lovers,

I am trying to keep up with it as best I can. If I missedyour gigs, email me at I'll add them in.

New pics: Hey I have to share them. Most are from a July show at the Coffee To A Tea in West Seattle

Yogi at the Seatac International Festival with Naby Camara's African Group

Johnny Conga with the Yoginis, July 2006

Yoginis at Coffee To A Tea, Yogi, and Ed Mays on Drums

Burt Boice, Contrabass

Samia Panni, Versatile Vocalist and Mike Deasy, Horn arrangements for the Yoginis, Ed Mays, drums

Here's the quicklinks to this time's featured artists, or scroll through them all:

Marc Smason and Jazz Groups
Samia Panni, Vocal music of Brazil and other nations
Layla Angulo, Latin Jazz Sax
Eduardo Mendonca/Show Brazil
Elimar Ugueto/E276, Hot Latin Club Music

Marc Smason and Jazz Groups

Friday August 11 10 pm
Better World with Michael Gotz Peter Sams & guests!
Jai Thai
235 Broadway E. 206 323-5781

Saturday August 12 10 pm
Better World Ron Weinstein Burt Boice & guests!
Ballard Jam House (*till 11pm)
1707 N.W. Market 206 789-162

Alternate Wednesdays August 16, 30 … 8:30 pm
Better World Joanne Klein Jon Eisen Michael Barnett Greg
Beacon Pub
3057 Beacon S. 206 726-0238

Thursday August 17 7:20 – 9:20pm
Marc Smason Micheal Gotz
*Pegasus Coffee House
131 Parfitt Way SW – Bainbridge Is. 206 842-6725

Thursday August 24 4 – 6 pm
Klez Kids
*Lake City Farmer's Market
29th N.E. & N.E. 130th 206 632-5234

Samia Panni, Vocal music of Brazil and other nations

Samia will be performing at BrasilFest 2006 again, being held on Sunday, August 20th, from noon - 8pm or later.

Click this link for details on the event:
BrasilFest 2006

Here are the details of the performance:

Fofinho e Samia
A vocal-percussion/guitar duo performing the Afro Sambas of Baden Powell & Vinicius de Moraes + more.
When: Sunday, August 20th, noon - 12:45pm
Where: Centerhouse Stage, Seattle Center

Samia Panni

Host of Raizes
Saturdays 2pm-4pm PDT
KBCS 91.3 FM
“A World of Music & Ideas”
Phone: (425) 564-2424

Layla Angulo Latin Jazz Sax

Layla is a Seattle resident (Cornish grad) who has crafted a great world-class latin jazz group. Be very afraid. Layla kicks booty. Her husband is a Peruvian percussionist who can clean up house in his own right. My kind of dynamic duo. Sorry I didn't get their recent Triple Door show up. I am posting up her international gigs not because I think you'll go (great on ya if you do!) but because I am happy for her. I remember seeing her at little places around town a few years ago. She's getting it right and making it happen. Celebrate!

August 22th - Bellevue Live Concert Series - 12noon
August 25th - Palermo, Italy
August 26th - Greek theatre of Eraclea Minoa, Italy
August 27th - Vittoria, Italy
September 23rd - Spokane Center Stage - Spokane, WA

Eduardo Mendonca/Show Brazil

Sunday, August 20th

From 6 to 7 p.m.

Domingo, 20 de Agosto

Das 18 às 19 hs.
BrasilFest 2006
Seattle Center – Seattle, WA

Show Brazil! Featuring: Eduardo Mendonça (Vocal/Guitar/Percussion), David Pascal (Bass/Percussion), Josh Wilson (Keyboard/Percussion), Brian Kent (Sax and flute), Mario Allende (Drums), Caxambu (Percussion), Grande Attila (Percussion), Norma Henry (Cavaquinho), Dora Oliveira (Dance), Bianca Mendonça (Dance), Lisette Austin (Dance), and Vanessa Miranda (Dance).

Wednesday, August 23rd

From 7 to 8:30 p.m.
Quarta, 23 de Agosto
Das 19
16th Annual Concerts in the Parks
Richmond Beach Community Park – 19601 21st Ave NW (in the green space at the Richmond Beach Library) – Shoreline, WA

* The Concerts in the Parks is produced by the Shoreline-LFP Arts Council.
Show Brazil! Featuring: Eduardo Mendonça (Vocal/Guitar/Percussion), David Pascal (Bass/Percussion), Josh Wilson (Keyboard/Percussion), Mark OI (Guitar/Percussion), Brian Kent (Saxophone/Flute), Will Dowd (Drums), Dora Oliveira (Dance), Bianca Mendonça (Dance), and Lisette Austin (Dance).

Elimar Ugueto/E276

August 18th (Friday)
Concord, CA 94520 / 11:00pm
El Rancho
1450 Monument Blvd.

August 20th (Sunday)
San Francisco, CA 94158 /10:00pm
Jelly's Dance Cafe
295 Terry Francois Blvd.
Pier 50

September 2nd (Sunday)
Seattle WA 98122 / 10:OOpm
Neighbours Nightclub
1509 Broadway

September 8th (Friday)
Beaverton, OR 97005 / 10:00pm
Tequila Ole Night Club
3905 SW 117th Ave.