Saturday, December 22, 2007

Yoginis Trio Tonite Dec 22 at Crowne Plaza

Hi Everyone - this just in

I got a last-minute call to play at Seattle Five-Star Crowne Plaza Hotel at their elegant Regatta Bar and Grille. It's an elegant lounge atmosphere, good food and they love good jazz. Here's the scoop:

Yoginis Trio
Sat Dec 22, 9:30pm
Crowne Plaza Regatta Grille
1113 6th Ave, Seattle, Washington 98101 - no cover

I'll be there with Sax/Flute Maestro Bob Antolin and bassist Burt Boice (who will be joining us for the second set). A little jazz samba for your Christmas enjoyment.

See you there!

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Indian-Jazz Fusion Project in the Studio Now

Hello Everyone,

I have been slacking on the blog here, no doubt.

The news with the Yoginis is that we’re finally back in the recording studio, finishing the Jazz/Indian fusion album.

I am also finally finishing the mixing and mastering of the first Yoginis album Songbird, from which the samples on myspace were pulled. But alas, I had the hard drive mailed up from the original engineer who is now based in LA, and it seems there’s some problem accessing the files. So I have let a friend who is a retired computer forensics expert have a cursory look and tell me if the data is intact and if it is easily recoverable.

On the business side, it has finally come down to contract signing time with the non-profit organization that produced the Dalai Lama Renaissance documentary, which has been doing quite well at film festivals worldwide. Contract negotiating is not my favorite part of the biz, as you can probably understand, but it’s necessary so we have to do it.

A complicating factor is that my music was already copyrighted by me before we decided to submit it to the film’s producers and director. Normally, compositions are commissioned for a film beforehand, and the composer produces what is called a "work for hire” in which the producers own the rights to the music, and the composer is paid either a one-time fee or entitled to some royalty on the film sales.

But since I already had the India/Jazz project underway, with my own plans to promote it worldwide, and I already owned the copyrights, I stand in a different relation to the film.

So we have to find a contract agreement that allows them to use the music in the film, but doesn’t surrender my copyrights. It can be done of course, it will just take a little longer since it is a non-standard agreement falling outside the usual “work-for-hire” arrangement.

Ahh, Legalese – ain’t it great?

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Jams and Gigs, Sept - Oct 2007

Hey folks,

I have some jams and gigs as sideman and in small combos of some of the Yoginis family of musicians (there's about 20 all told, both here and in Asia).

I am no longer a musical orphan, now having been adopted into the Ugly Mug Family of Musicians. The Ugly Mug is this really great little coffee joint where a bunch of jazzers meet every Sunday. This Sunday I'm hosting the jam with bassist Burt Boice.

Yogi, Burt and Friends Jam
Sunday Sept 30th and Oct 14th 6:30 – 9:30pm
The Ugly Mug Café

11425 Rainier Ave S Seattle, WA 98178
(206) 772-3751 - no cover

Also I have my first show with singer Lita Page at Serafina's this Fri Oct 5th - pulling from songbooks of bossas, boleros, and more. She sings beautifully in Spanish, Portuguese, and English. Mixed up with a few Yogi instrumentals, of course.

Yogi With Lita Page
Friday, Fri Oct 5th -9pm-12am
Serafina’s Italian Restaurant

2043 Eastlake Ave
E Seattle, WA 98102

(206) 323-0807 - no cover

I will be playing originals at Crowne Plaza Hotel in their Regatta Bar and Grille Oct 12th and 13th. This will be a Yoginis Quartet configuration of Yogi, Burt Boice, and Bob Antolin, with percussionists Ricardo Guity on Friday and Johnny Conga on Saturday.

Yoginis Quartet
Fri – Sat Oct 12th -13th 9:30pm

Regatta Grille
1113 6th Ave
, Seattle, Washington 98101
- no cover

My birthday party will be held at Jai Thai Restaurant on Friday 26th Oct (courtesy Paula Maya!). Everyone come and play music, or party - whatever! No cover, just do us all a favor and buy some drinks and some of their great Thai Food.

Yogi’s Birthday Party
Friday, Oct 26th 7:30 – 10:30
Jai Thai Capitol Hill

235 Broadway Ave. East
Seattle WA 98103
– no cover

See ya!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Jazz Fusion TV - the Muthaload of prog-jazz vids!

Hello Everyone,

OK, here's the muthaload of prog-jazz videos. I was going to upload a series of them, but as things are going these days, someone else has already thought the whole thing through and designed a cool site that covers the turf even better. Check it out:

Jazz Fusion TV

And they have an audio page if you like listening with no video too (the way we used to do when we were teenagers - remember those days?)

Have hours of fun. You can download the videos too, they are in FLV files (Flash video). If you don't have a player for them already (hint: the default windows media player in xp doesn't read flv files), here's a free one:

and here's the always handy You Tube Downloader:

All free, all legal, no adware, spyware, or viruses.

Have fun!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Ultra-cool music vids

Hi everyone,

I want to depart from my usual plugging of gigs to bring you some of what I think are the coolest prog-jazz vids on YouTube and MySpaceTV. These vids will also give you a good idea of what I was digging during those transformative early teenager years we all experience where we wake up to the wide world around us.

Well, I was living in Berlin, Germany in 1971, age 12, as my dad was stationed there with the US Army. Here's a video of what SOME people were doing in Berlin at the time (namely Joe Zawinul - may he rest in peace! - and Wayne Shorter). After just having left Miles Davis legendary "Bitches Brew" cadre of musicians, they were forming a nascient band that people had not heard of before with a weird name - Weather Report.

This is some very rare, very early stuff from a composition that would be on the very first Weather Report release, self-titled in Europe and titled "Milky Way" in the US. I am surprised to find that even a number of Weather Report Fans don't even know this was their first album.

Anyway, there's a small subset of us that was digging Weather Report long before "Birdland", and we LOVE this early far-out stuff. Zawinul's appoach to the keys and composition are strikingly non-traditional, and a very young Miroslav Vitous and John Surman are also in these sessions. You've gotta stretch to appreciate this stuff, but if you're willing to drop your old ideas about "songs" and other traditional ideas, you will be rewarded with a glimpse into the genius of every one of these players. Sure, Zawinul is the group leader here, but each of these musicians is amazing in their own right. Check it out:

If the video doesn't load, use this link:

Monday, September 03, 2007

Yogi's gigs at Crowne Plaza and Jubilante and a new picture

Hi Everyone,

I have a couple of more gigs coming up in the Yoginis Trio Configuration. These are on the Yoginis Myspace Site, and will shortly be posted on the Yogi's Music World weblog

Sat Sept 15th, 9:30pm
Regatta Bar and Grill
Crowne Plaza Hotel
1113 6th Ave
Seattle, WA 98101
(206) 340-1617
no cover

Yoginis Trio: Samba, Bossa, Jazz and exotic grooves for your dining and listening pleasure in the Crowne Plaza’s plush Regatta Bar and Grille. Expect a cool and refreshing lounge experience. Yogi will be with first-call bassist Burt Boice and World Percussionist maestro George Sadak

Jubilante Dinner Club

Tuesdays, 4 and 11 Sept 7pm
305 Burnett Ave S
Renton, WA 98057
(425) 226-1544
no cover

Weekly Dinner set and jam at Jubilante, Renton's hidden gem.
We play the first set, and have guests on the second set. Often trumpeter Harv Leonard joins us and recent guests include David Keys, editor of NW Jazz Profiles magazine, singer Hilary Harris, and others.

Here's a recent promo shot of the full six-piece Yoginis band (photo by Michelle Smith-Lewis):

L to R: Bob Antolin (Flute, Saxes), Yogi (Keys, Composing), Burt Boice (Bass, Composing)

Samia Panni (Vocals, percussion), Ed Mays (drumsets) Johnny Conga (Latin Percussion)

--Yogi's Sites:

The Yoginis band is
MySpace site is
Music newsletter is

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Hempfest Video and Pix

Hi Everyone!

My Band, the Yoginis had a very successful show at Seattle's Hempfest. We used a quartet version of the group, with me, Mike Deasy on sax, Ed Mays on drums and Burt Boice on bass.

Ed Mays, who produces a local television series called Pirate TV, brought his camera and filmed us. Here is the song Tisisat from Hempfest:

The Yoginis at Hempfest 2007: Tisisat on Ed Mays Music site

It's in Windows Media format. I'm still teaching myself about You Tube, and Ed is learning about formatting videos for the web, so we hope to have a cross-platform version or You Tube version up soon.

The studio version of Tisisat (rough mix) is on the Yoginis MySpace Page, so check it out there too.

Here's a couple of pix too:

Feeling the Spirit of Hempfest

Mike Deasy, Saxman Extraordinaire

Yogi Mon!

Fusion Maestro Ed Mays

Bass Meister Burt Boice

The Nagars in Concert

Hi Everyone!

Today I went to a concert at the University of WA Ethnic Cultural Theatre to see my friends the Nagar Family from Delhi. I had the great pleasure of visiting with them in Delhi for three weeks, at which time we recorded music that eventually became used for a movie soundtrack. But I digress as there are actually three separate stories in there to tell. Let's start with today's concert. Here's some pix:

Here is the family group: L to R, Vishal, Ujwaal, Urmila Nagar

Ujwaal Nagar, age 21, featured vocalist in today's concert

Vishal, the older brother and tabla virtuoso

Urmila Nagar, Mother and Guruji.
Urmila has many disciples in India that strudy Karthak dance and music with her. She has been given the Presidential award for a lifetime of outstanding achievements in the arts in India.

OK, second story:

I was working on my band the Yoginis first album, and I invited Vishal to play tablas on the piece Terana, which is an Indian Jazz Fusion piece. Vishal came to the studio of Limitless Sky Records, and worked with me there and the engineer and owner of Limitless Sky, Michel Tyabji. The piece came off very well. Vishal then later invited me to come to India for the purpose of recording some music with him. I told him I was excited about the idea of an Indian/Jazz fusion album that would further explore the directions hinted at by the piece Terana.

Listen to Terana (with Vishal playing tabla) on the Yoginis MySpace Page. January 2006 I found myself on a plane to Delhi, where I spent three delightful weeks co-composing, rehearsing and recording all the Indian instruments for a second Album, to be called Terra Shivaiya ("the Land of Shiva" i.e - India). The name is a reference to a song on the first album called Terra Sabaea (the land of Sheba - i.e. - Biblical Ethiopia).

Now, the 3rd story: back in the USA, Michel and his wife Rosa had moved to Los Angeles, seeking work in the independent film world (smart move, as they have benn swamped with work ever since). They landed, serendipitously, and also because of Michel's Indian/Persian ethnic background, the job of being the music editing team for a new Documentary called "Dalai Lama Renaissance" and featuring, of course, His Holiness The Dalai Lama. Michel lobbied hard, and eventually was successful in persuading the film's Director, Kashyar Darvich, and the producers to use a significant amount of live recorded music played by Tibetan and Indian musicians.

So, along with Sitarist Roop Verma, Tibetan Singer Techung, and others, the Yoginis Indian recordings were selected to comprise the soundtrack for the movie.

View the directing, producing, and music bios for the Dalai Lama Renaissance.

The movie has been very successful at film festivals worldwide, playing to sold-out venues, and even being in such high demand that extra screenings had to be scheduled at some festivals to due overflowing crowds.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Pix from the Nagar Family Concert


I posted up some pix of the Sunday Indian Classical Concert over at another blog.

The latest blog entry is here.

Check it out.



Friday, August 17, 2007

Hempfest! Final promo

OK, Here's the big Hempfest promo poster for our group! Come on out and enjoy!

hempfest poster

Monday, August 13, 2007

Yogis gigs at Hempfest, Jubilante and with Jack Becker Blues

Hey Everyone,

I've been busy trying to get my lazy you-know-what out there and get some exposure! So here's the cookin's over the next two weeks:

Yogi's trio at Hempfest with Mike Deasy on Sax! Sunday at 4pm at the Hemposium Stage
That's right - Mike is back with that big Saxy sound of his! We hope he'll be doing more with us too! We found out after I made the promo poster, so you heard it here!

Yogi's Trio + Mike Deasy
Hempfest Hemposium Stage
Sunday, August 19th, 4pm
Myrtle Edwards Park
3199 Alaskan Way
Seattle WA 98121

Hempfest, is as you know, one of Seattle's largest festivals, with Founder Vivian McPeak building it up from the Seattle "grass" roots (no pun intended!) since 1995. Twelve years of celebrating hemp and protesting against the marijuana laws! Can you believe it? Even Norm Stamper, the former chief of Seattle Police is a featured speaker there. Watch an interview with former Chief Stamper at

Here's the poster:


Yogi plays the Blues!

Many of you have seen me playing the blues here and there too. I am now proud to be appearing with The Jack Becker Blues Band in TWO big shows! One in Kirkland, and one in Seattle's Pioneer Square! Jack's band also features veteran Texas Blues Rock drummer Ed Mays and veteran Bay-Area R&B Bass Meister Tim Romain.

Jack rocks hard, and we played a really successful gig for the Harley Davidson enthusiasts up in Skagit Valley a couple of weeks ago. Come on down on two different beautiful summer evenings. All in the name of a little enjoyment, right?

Yogi with the Jack Becker Blues Band

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2007
The Central- Kirkland
Jack Becker Band - 9 p.m.
Downtown Kirkland Waterfront
21 Central Way
Kirkland WA 98033
Price: 0.00

Saturday, August 25th, 2007
The New Orleans Cafe
114 First Ave S
Seattle WA 98104
Price: cover at door
(Pioneer Square Joint Cover).
9pm-1 am

Come out and hear what it's all about!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Yoginis Groups at Jai Thai, Third Place Books , and the Jet

Hi Seattle World Music Lovers,

Here's three upcoming shows in July featuring different combinations of members of my group the Yoginis doing our samba-jazz thing.
Come on out. Turn your friends on to our sound. We get a lot of good response from folks. Here's the scoop:

Yogi McCaw Trio
Yogi, Burt Boice - Bass, Ricardo Guity - Latin Percussion
Jai Thai Lounge - No Cover!
Friday July 20 9pm
235 Broadway E (at Thomas)
Seattle WA 98102

The hip Jai Thai Lounge at the center of Coolsville , Broadway

and Thomas on the Hill.
Special Thanks to Paula Maya!

Yoginis Full Band
Third Place Books
Fri July 27 7:30pm
17171 Bothell Way NE
Lake Forest Park
WA 98155 (206) 366-3333

Here's your rare opportunity to hear the full Yoginis sound, with our great multi-lingual vocalist Samia Panni, the famous Johnny Conga, and top horn talent Bob Antolin, along with the "power trio" of Yogi, Burt and Ed. Serious grooving. Don't miss!
Third place books - nice big stage, lots of eats at the nearby food court, great sound, all ages,
Again - no cover charge! Lots of good things about this gig.

Yoginis Quartet
Yogi - keys, Burt Boice, bass - Ed Mays drums, and JC Johnny Conga on Latin Percussion
This one's with the Ticklejunk All Stars opening! Rumor has it original Yoginis Sax Man Mike Deasy might there with us too!
At Everett's new Jet Bar and Grill, brought to you by the owner of the renowned Jet Deck where many legendary parties went down in Jet Town.
Um...prepare to gro-o-o-ove. As Frank Zappa said, "Get down with your bad Self, (so to speak)!"

Yoginis Quartet
Jet Bar and Grill
July 28 10pm
800 164th St SE(at Bothell Hwy)
Mill Creek WA 98012 tel 206-353-3419
Ticklejunk All Stars 9pm
Special Thanks to Josh Paar Jopa Music

That's it for now. More soon...

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Yogi's Trio, Samia Panni, Johnny Conga, Paula Maya, Eduardo Mendonca, and Tor Dietrichson

Hello World Music Lovers,

The Yogi McCaw Trio this week is doing our usual Tuesday dinner set (6-9pm) at Jubilante in Renton and also appearing at West Seattle's Coffee To A Tea Friday eveing 8-10.

Also great gigs by Samia Panni, Johnny Conga, Paula Maya, Eduardo Mendonca, and Tor Dietrichson

Here's the scoop:

Tuesday, Jubilante
Yogi McCaw Trio 6-9pm Dinner Set
305 Burnett Ave S
Renton WA 98055
(425) 226-1544

Trio line up is
Yogi McCaw - Piano, Keyboards, composiutions
Burt Boice - contrabasS, compositions
Ed Mays - Drums

Coffee To a Tea
Yogi McCaw Trio 8-10pm
4541 California Ave SW,
Seattle, WA 98116
(206) 937-1495

Trio line up is
Yogi McCaw - Piano, Keyboards, composiutions
Tim Romain - Bass
Ed Mays - Drums

Also note these great upcoming shows-

SAMIA PANNI - Multilingual vocalist and vocal percussionist

07/13/2007 07:00 PM -
Starfire Sports Complex -
World Heart, composed/conducted by Jovino Santos Neto
14800 Starfire Way, Tukwila, Washington 98188 -

Premiere of World Heart, composed/conducted by Jovino Santos Neto performed by 20 of percussionists from around the world @ the All Nations World Cup of Soccer at the Starfire Sports Complex. I will be one of the percussionists.

07/21/2007 09:00 PM -
Abráce performing at
Jai Thai Restaurant
235 E. Broadway,
Seattle, Washington 98102 -

Join Abráce for their unique blend of global harmonies & percussion in 12 languages

JOHNNY CONGA - Latin percussion all-star

06/24/2007 01:00 PM -
Burien Street Fair with ALMA VILLEGAS
151st off 1st ave.,
Seattle, Washington 98166 -

06/30/2007 03:00 PM -
Taste of Tacoma-
Tacoma, Tacoma, Washington -
with TYPE A BAND (12-piece top-rated R&B Revue)

07/04/2007 09:00 PM -
Lynnwood Athletic Complex
Lynwood, Lynnwood, Washington -

with my 8 piece Latin dance band "SABOR TROPICAL"

PAULA MAYA - Eclectic Songwriter and rocker

07/01/2007 12:00 PM - Taste of Tacoma
Tacoma, Washington - FREE
Paula Maya will be a guest in Rob Porcaro's band, my soulful rocking singer friend.

07/07/2007 08:00 PM - Jai Thai
235 Broadway , by Thomas, in Capitol Hill,
Seattle, Washington 98102 - $4.

They serve great food till 1am, and we'll play till 11pm. Support local music and local businesses, while having a great time :) The cover is only $4. that will be added to your bill for your convenience.

EDUARDO MENDONCA QUARTET - Authentic Brazilian Bossa, Samba, and MPB

Friday, June 29th 7-10 p.m.
Café Rozella
9434 Delridge Way S.W.
Seattle, WA. 98106
(206) 763-5805

Line up:
Eduardo Mendonça (Guitar/Vocal),
Burt Boice (Bass),
Brian Kent (Sax and Flute),
Caxambu (Percussion).

TOR DIETRICHSON world percussion all-star

06/25/2007 10:00 PM -
Tor Dietrichson/Thomas Marriott Duo with DJ Thomas @ Babalu
Wallingford Ave N at 45th Street,
Seattle, Washington 98103 -
Free, it pays to show up
This will start our every Monday night duo with the two Thomases; Thomas Marriott and DJ Thomas. We will play a variety of music every Monday at Babalu -- The Mambo Room -- from 10 PM - 1AM.

06/27/2007 09:30 PM - Mambo Cadillac @ Babalu, The Mambo Room - Latin Jam Sessions
1723 N 45th St., Seattle, Washington 98103 - Free
Every Week at Babalu!

06/28/2007 09:00 PM - Mambo Cadillac @ Twisted Cork Wine Bar in Bellevue
900 Bellevue Way Suite 100, Bellevue, Washington 98004 - Free
Mambo Cadillac continues at The Twisted Cork.

06/30/2007 09:00 PM - The Cosmonauts @ The Twisted Cork in Bellevue
900 Bellevue Way Suite 100, Bellevue, Washington 98004 - Free, it pays to show up
Tor Dietrichson and The Cosmonauts present the very best in Brazilian, Funk, Afro-Cuban and Blues with Tor Dietrichson doing much of the singing.

07/01/2007 09:00 PM - Mambo Cadillac @ The Triple Door Musicquarium
3rd and Union St., Seattle, Washington 98101 - Free, it pays to show up
Here we will be playing for our third week in a row with the greatness of Mambo Cadillac in The Palatial Splendour of The Triple Door in Full 3D Regalia and featuring Junior Medina on drum set and timbales as a kickoff to Julio Jauregui's wedding in Mexico on July 7th. 07/07/07 get it?

Friday, June 15, 2007

Yoginis Quartet at Nectar in Benefit for Africa and at Jubilante

Hi Everyone,

The Yoginis and the Yogi McCaw Trio are doing a few things I’d like to post up. Our shows are at Nectar in Fremont and Jubilante in Renton

Here’s the short scoops:

Yoginis Quartet at Nectar in a benefit for to help African Villages acquire clean fresh water sources.
Tuesday June 19th - benefit begins at 8pm, we play at 10:30pm
412 n 36TH St in Fremont
Seattle WA 98103

Quartet Configuration
Yogi McCaw – Keyboards/Compositions
Burt Boice – Bass and compositions
Ed Mays - Drums
Ricardo Guity – Latin percussion – our special guest, Ricardo comes to us originally from the Honduras , where his lineage is of the Garifuna people. He brings an extensive knowledge of Afro Cuban traditions to the Yoginis mix.

Playpumps builds wells to help bring fresh water to African villages where drought or other causes has made it difficult for people to have clean water. Clean water is, of course, essential to combat diseases and provide health care, as well as for preparation of food. Their website is

View the Nectar webpage for the Playpumps Benefit with the Yoginis

And at Jubilante in Renton:

Yogi McCaw Trio
Every Tuesday 6-9pm (except NOT the 19th, when we’ll be at Nectar)
Jubilante Jazz Club and Restaurant
305 Burnett Ave S
Renton WA 98057

Jubilante’s website is here

Dat's all for now! More coming soon!

Friday, June 01, 2007

Yogis Music June 2007 The BIG rundown!

Hey everyone - bookmark this or save the email newsletter mirror some of you receive, because this is the once-in-a-while (when I have time) rundown of lots of gigs that I and my many music friends here in the Seattle area are doing. Unfortunately it is not (and cannot be) comprehensive. If I missed your Seattle Area shows, email me or respond as a comment to this post. I'll try to get it out there soon.

Now for the evangelical lecture: People, GO TO THE GIGS OF YOUR CHOICE. The Seattle scene only grows if folks GO SEE BANDS. Otherwise it's all useless. And BUY FOOD AND DRINKS TO SHOW SUPPORT for the great people that want our music in their establishments.
The MOST IMPORTANT PEOPLE at a gig are NOT up on stage - the VIPs are YOU listening and appreciating the music.

As usual, first my gigs, then the rundown. You'll notice most or all of these artists are LISTED on the RIGHT HAND COLUMN. So click their sites and check them out.

Every Tuesday Evening Dinner set
at Jubilante, Renton's Jazz Jewel

Yogi McCaw Bossa/Samba Trio with
Burt Boice, Bass
Ed Mays Drums
$3 cover for dinner set 6-9pm

Jubilante Restaurant
305 Burnett Ave S.
Renton, WA 98055
(425) 226-1544

There's a lot of good music happening down at Jubilante's these days
It's worth it to make the drive south from Seattle
Run by Caesar and Tess, Jubilante's has a great southern/cajun menu too
Dinner there is part of the experience!

It's surprisingly easy to get to off I-405
20 minutes from either Seattle or Bellevue
Take the Rainier Ave Exit
Head North on Rainier
Turn Right at the light on S 3rd St
And go to the corner of Burnett Ave S.
It's directly across the Street from the Bank America

And these following choice gigs as well:


SAT JUNE 2nd (1st sat of every month)
PAULA MAYA- plus guests
A chance to hear the band in an intimate setting. Lots of improv and
Delicious Thai food served till 1AM!
235 Broadway E, by Thomas
Capitol Hill, Seattle

NEWS: We are being featured for this week at

Paula Maya's new release is out now! In Seattle at all Silver
Platters, Sonic Boom, and Easy Street records.

On line at ,


Jai Thai Restaurant in Fremont on Friday June 8th, from
7:00 -9:30 pm.
235 Broadway E, by Thomas
Capitol Hill, Seattle

I'll be singing with jazz guitar player Ryan Taylor. He's fantastic. We'll
be doing swinging standards, bossa nova and more. We may even have a
special guest or two. :-)

Hope to see you there!



Put it on your calendar!

You're Invited! To our "Sleep Till Noon Video Party" June 8th Friday,
2007, 8-10 PM
Yes, it's a professional like MTV like video that's West Seattle only....
@Coffee to a Tea, 4541 California SW
Seattle WA 98116

Creative dress up encouraged as in costume, formal, or you don't have
to wear much or whatever:)
We welcome those healthy extraverts to be part of the Video! We're
looking forward to a very fun
evening and of course we'll be having the mother of all dance contests!


Samia, Fofinho & Dinnen - Performing the Afro Sambas of Baden Powell/Vinicius de Moraes, Choros of Pixinguinha & music of Guinga

Sunday, May 27th, 7:45pm
Northwest Folklife Festival, Charlotte Martin Theatre
Global Women Performance Series

Monday, June 11th
BrasilFest in West Seattle, Youngstown Cultural Arts Center
4408 Delridge Way SW, Seattle, WA
4pm-4:45pm - Performances
5pm-5:30pm - Dance, Capoeira, Percussion Workshops

Sunday, June 24th
BrasilFest in Burien, Burien Community Center
425 SW 144th Street, Burien, WA
1:15pm-1:45pm - Dance Workshop - Gallery Stage
2pm-2:45pm - Percussion Workshop - Kids Stage
2pm-2:45pm - Capoeira
3pm-3:45pm - Performance at the Main Stage

ABRÁCE - Singing in 12 languages that include: English, Spanish, French, Italian, Swahili, Xhosa, Bulgarian, Macedonian, Japanese, Brazilian

Portuguese, Lucumí (archaic Yoruba), Ladino and nonsense syllables, from the 15th Century to the present + original compositions; acapella or

accompanied by percussion instruments, playing a whole variety of rhythms.

Sunday, June 10th, 2pm
Othello Park Concerts
4351 S Othello St, Seattle

Hope to see you at these events!


Samia Panni

Host of Raizes
Saturdays 2pm-4pm PST
KBCS 91.3 FM
“A World of Music & Ideas”
Phone: (425) 564-2424
Station Website:
Personal Webpage:


6/2 7:00 PM Georgia's Greek Restaurant Seattle, WA
6/16 12:00 PM 2007 Freemont Fair Freemont, WA
6/16 3:00 PM Spirit Journey Bookstore Issaquah, WA

Don Baragiano - Godin Guitar w/Roland Guitar Synth (bass, flute, voices, sitar, FX, etc). Attended the University of Cincinnati's College

Conservatory of Music. Lived/worked 2 years
in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia & studied World Rhythms at Cornell University in New York.

Ashraf Mohammed Hakim - Cello Virtuoso
1st chair cellist with the Cairo Opera House in Cairo, Egypt 1992 - 2006.
His incredible fiery, Arab solos are an audience favorite & add much to Hejira's overall sound.

Scott Wurtz - World Percussion (tabla, djembe, dumbek, etc)
BA Music - Goddard College, Plainfield VT
Ali Akbar College of Music - San Rafael, CA
Scott's presence and ability to listen deeply to the musical fabric allow for an expansive
dialog and creativity response with fellow musicians.

Check out Hejira's websites:


Jun 2, 2007 5:00 PM Tulalip Casino - Big stage sound and lights! I-5 exit #202 Marysville, WA
Jun 3, 2007 7:00 PM Jazzbones - South Sound Blues Association Best Band Competition 2007 - Come join us and help send the Red Hotz to

Memphis in 2008! Tacoma, WA
Jun 9, 2007 9:00 PM The Wild Buffalo Bellingham, WA
Jun 10, 2007 7:00 PM The Spar Tacoma's Oldest Saloon - Sunday Blues Series - 2123 N 30th St Tacoma, WA
Jun 15, 2007 All Day Micro Blues Fest 2007 Friday features Red Hot Blues Sisters @ 7pm, also on the bill, Dented Trucks, Rollie Tussing,

Beckie Sue & her Big Rockin' Daddies & Too Slim & the Tail Draggers Vancouver - Micro Blues Fest 2007, WA


Friday, June 29th 7-10 p.m.
(Brazilian Country Dance Party)
More information soon.
Aguarde maiores informações.

Sexta-Feira, 29 de Junho 19 às 22 hs.
Café Rozella
9434 Delridge Way S.W.
Seattle, WA. 98106
(206) 763-5805
fax 206-428-7124

MPB and Bossa-Nova


06/03/2007 08:00 PM - Paragon Bar/Rest.
2525 Queen Anne Ave.N, Seattle, Washington -

with Erik Fridrich Trio..
06/16/2007 08:30 PM - PO GOTCHA
Issaquah, Issaquah, Washington -

with Eric Fridrich Trio...
06/17/2007 05:00 PM - HIgh Dive with MICHAEL SCHRIEVE & TANGLETOWN
Fremont, Seattle, Washington -

06/23/2007 11:00 AM - Party with ALMA VILLEGAS....
, Seattle, Washington -

06/24/2007 01:00 PM - Burien Street Fair with ALMA VILLEGAS
152nd and 1st ave., Seattle, Washington 98166 -



June 6th, 2007 with John Bishop Band
The Hendrix Lounge, Columbia City Theatre, 9:00 pm

June 11, 2007 with John Bishop Band
The Sunset Tavern 9:00 pm

June 12, 2007, with Emerald City Jazz Orchestra
Tulas, 2nd & Bell, 8:00 pm

June 15th, 2007 - with Ron Weinstein & Mike Peterson
Lo Fi, Eastlake Avenue & Mercer Street 9:00 pm

June 16th, 2007 - with Seattle Repertory Jazz Orchestra
Benaroya Hall, 7:30 pm

June 17th, 2007 - with Seattle Repertory Jazz Orchestra
Kirkland Performance Center, 3:00 pm

June 22nd, 2007 - Marriott Brothers Quintet
Tula's, 2nd & Bell, 8:30pm


06/06/2007 09:30 PM - Mambo Cadillac @ Babalu, The Mambo Room - Latin Jam Sessions
1723 N 45th St., Seattle, Washington 98103 - Free

Our weekly all out jam session at the hippest of the hippest spots where only the hippest dare to tread!!!
06/07/2007 09:00 PM - Mambo Cadillac @ Twisted Cork Wine Bar in Bellevue
900 Bellevue Way Suite 100, Bellevue, Washington 98004 - Free

Mambo Cadillac continues it's run at the beautiful Twisted Cork Wine Bar in Bellevue. Not to be misseed!!!
06/09/2007 09:00 PM - The Cosmonauts @ The Twisted Cork in Bellevue
900 Bellevue Way Suite 100, Bellevue, Washington 98004 - Free, it pays to show up

This is a continuation of our wonderful involvement with Saturdays at The Twisted Cork and not to be Missed!!!!!!!
06/12/2007 09:00 PM - The Pleasure Seekers @ Triple Door Musicquarium
3rd and Union Street, Seattle, Washington 98101 - Free

This great trio of Reggie Garrett, Paul Benoit and Tor Dietrichson where Reggie and Paul play guitar and Tor plays percussion and all three take

turns singing has influences such as Bob Dylan, The Byrds, Taj mahal and others. The only thing quite like it in Seattle and beyond. Not to be

06/13/2007 09:00 PM - Tor Dietrichson Blues Machine @Triple Door Musicquarium
3rd and Union Street, Seattle, Washington 98101 - Free

Tor Dietrichson will once again bring his fantastic Blues machine to The Triple Door Musicquarium for a night of Highly accomplished Blues singing

and playing. Not to be missed!!!!
06/13/2007 09:30 PM - Mambo Cadillac @ Babalu, The Mambo Room - Latin Jam Sessions
1723 N 45th St., Seattle, Washington 98103 - Free

Be there!!!!!
06/14/2007 09:00 PM - Mambo Cadillac @ Twisted Cork Wine Bar in Bellevue
900 Bellevue Way Suite 100, Bellevue, Washington 98004 - Free

Mambo Cadillac continues it's successful run at The Twisted Cork Wine Bar in Bellevue. Not to be missed!!!
06/17/2007 09:00 PM - Mambo Cadillac @ The Triple Door Musicquarium
3rd and Union St., Seattle, Washington 98101 - Free, it pays to show up

Mambo cadiilac will once again grace the Palatial Splendor of The Triple Door musicquarium this wonderful evening. Don't Forget It!!
06/20/2007 09:30 PM - Mambo Cadillac @ Babalu, The Mambo Room - Latin Jam Sessions
1723 N 45th St., Seattle, Washington 98103 - Free

Here we go again!!!
06/21/2007 09:00 PM - Mambo Cadillac @ Twisted Cork Wine Bar in Bellevue
900 Bellevue Way Suite 100, Bellevue, Washington 98004 - Free

Not to be missed!! Long live the Twisted Cork!!!
06/27/2007 09:30 PM - Mambo Cadillac @ Babalu, The Mambo Room - Latin Jam Sessions
1723 N 45th St., Seattle, Washington 98103 - Free

Every Week at Babalu!!!!!


06/09/2007 10:00 PM - Ticklejunk All Stars - ToST
(Freemont), Seattle, Washington - 5

Nu-jazz, DJs spinning beats with live horns, rhythm and vocals
06/17/2007 01:00 PM - Danny Massure Band - Wedding
, Seattle, Washington -

Nu-jazz, DJs spinning beats with live horns, rhythm and vocals
06/21/2007 05:00 PM - Cedar Beam Conspiracy - Private Party
Office Building on the water, Seattle, Washington -

Experimental Jazz and Fusion
06/21/2007 09:00 PM - Ticklejunk All Stars - Hiway 99
Alaskan Way Viaduct, Seattle, Washington 98101 - 5

Nu-jazz, DJs spinning beats with live horns, rhythm and vocals
08/18/2007 02:00 PM - Cedar Beam Conspiracy - Wedding
, Seattle, Washington -

Experimental Jazz - woodwind and precussion duet

Monday, May 14, 2007

Yogi's Music news and pix - Johnny Conga, RedHotz ,and Martin N'Terry!

Hey Folks!

Good news and pix!

My good friend and fellow musician Johnny Conga is bringing out his new band Sabor Tropical.

(an 8 piece NY style Latin Dance band)
May, 17 2007 (and all Thursdays in May) at CLUB BC'S
17917 Bothell-Everett Hwy, Bothell, Washington 98012
Cost : NO COVER this week!
Also featuring from Puerto Rico, "El Cantante"-Danny Olaizola.
Salsa Instructor on sight....Vamos a Bailar y Gozar!

Those of you who know JC know he brings us the authentic salsa and Latin jazz sounds from the streets of “Nuyork Rico”, the beaches of Miami and the LA scene. If you don’t know JC – then what’s up, slacker? Everyone else does! He’s played with Sergio Mendez, The Jackson Five, Mongo Santamaria just to name a few.

So come out and dig the Latin soundz! I’ll see you there this Thursday! Here’s some pix of “JC” playing with my group last March (pictures of JC by Janet O’Brien).

Pix from Yogi’s latest “sideman gigs”:

I had the great pleasure of appearing recently with the Red Hot Blues Sisters (who by the way are up for more awards than you can shake a stick at over at the Washington Blues Society’s Awards night at the Triple Door).

We played the Nooksack Indian Casino in Bellingham. The crowd loved us and we won the jackpot (OK, that last bit isn’t true, but the first part is!)

Here’s some pix from that:

1. Teri Anne Wilson, Guitar; Suze Sims, Vocals and percussion; Patrick on bass
2. Teri Anne Wilson, Nominated Best Blues Guitarist, Washington Blues Society
3. Yogi on keyboards (as usual!) and versatile drumset heavyweight Andre Thomas.

Then I had the great pleasure of appearing with the African reggae artist Martin N’Terry from Burkina Faso West Africa at the University of Washington Intercultural Night at the UW Bothell Campus.

Here’s some pix from that show!

1. Martin N'Terry of Burkina Faso
2. Yogi and Drummy (trick question ...guess what instrument Drummy plays?)
3. Martin, Yogi, Tamlin (Guitar) and Dragon (Bass).
4. Yogi, Martin, Tamlin

OK, that's it for now! I'll be buggin' ya with the next upcoming gigs soon!



Saturday, May 05, 2007

The Yoginis Slide Show!

Don't forget Yogi's Trio at Jubilante for the Thursday Dinner Set from 6-9pm
Jubilante Restaurant 305 Burnett Ave S.Renton, WA 98055 (425) 226-1544

Here's the latest version of the slideshow from the Yoginis MySpace page. Enjoy!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Yogi's Trio (and more) at Jubilante, y'all! Plus Jovino and the RedHotz!

Hey everyone - there's a nice club downtown in Renton called Jubilante

The Yogi McCaw Trio is there for the Thursday Dinner set 6-9pm, playing our delicious bossa/samba grooves.
We kick off Latin Thursdays there.
We'll be followed by The Coffee Band (9:30 - midnight), a hot salsa group with full horn section geared specifically so you and your salsa-dancing friends can come and dance at Jubilante every Thursday night. Dress nicely - no sneakers hats or jeans.

AND - Hilary Harris, versatile jazz singer hailing from Spokane will be there on Sunday night. See Below:

Yogi McCaw Bossa/Samba Trio with
Tim Romain, Bass
Ed Mays Drums
$3 cover for dinner set

Jubilante Restaurant
305 Burnett Ave S.
Renton, WA 98055
(425) 226-1544

Hilary Harris - Jazz Singer
Sunday, April 8th - Jubilante Restaurant ( 8-11 pm)

Run by Caesar and Tess, Jubilante's has brought on new award-winning Southern Style Master Chef Elihu Vance
So Eat dinner there too -it's part of the experience!

It's surprisingly easy to get to off I-405
20 minutes from either Seattle or Bellevue
Take the Rainier Ave Exit
Head North on Rainier
Turn Right at the light on S 3rd St
And go to the corner of Burnett Ave S.
It's directly across the Street from the Bank America

And these following choice gigs as well:

My friend and mentor, world-class Brazilian pianist/composer Jovino Santos Neto!
Jovino Santos Neto Quarteto
At Bake's Place
Issaquah's Premier Jazz Dinner Club

Saturday April 7, 2007
Jovino Santos Neto Quarteto
"Waltzes and Ballads"
with Ben Thomas, vibes,
Chuck Deardorf, bass
Mark Ivester, drums

Dinner Time: 7:00 - 8:00pm
Performance Time: 8:00 - 10:30pm
Price with Dinner: $47.50
Show Price: $22.00
Dessert Menu available
4135 Providence Point Dr. SE,
Issaquah, WA 98029, phone: 425-391-3335

The Red Hot Blues Sisters are still pumpin' out their special brand of kick-ass R&B!
Red Hotz Rock the Rockfish again!
Apr 7, 2007 9:00 PM
The Rockfish 320 Commercial Ave
Anacortes, 98221 - (360) 588-1720
Local Brews and fantastic food!

Monday, March 26, 2007

Yogi's Trio Thursdays at Jubilante, plus Pix!

The Yogi McCaw Trio will begin playing Thursdays at Jubilante Restaurant amd Music Club in Renton this week.
Yogi on Grand Piano, Burt Boice onContrabass, Ed Mays on Drums.

We kick off their Latin Music Thursday night with a dinner set of our Bossa and Samba Jazz from 6-9pm. The dinner set is all ages.

Then at 9:30 they have Salsa dancing with the Coffee Band and a dance lesson. The Salsa set is for ages 21 and over. Dress up for the salsa : not formal, but no sneakers, jeans or hats.

The Yogi McCaw Trio
Thursdays 6-9pm
Jubilante Restaurant
305 Burnett Ave S
Renton WA 98057
Ph: 425-226-1544

Jubilante is a fine dining restaurant specializing in International Cuisine with an emphasis on Cajun.
Come and experience Jubilante's famous homemade desserts, seasonal menu, and our exciting Jazz events.

Now here's some pictures of the group from last Saturdays show at SoulFood Books in Redmond:

Sammia Panni

Johnny Conga

Ed Mays

Burt Boice and Yogi

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Yoginis Friday in Seattle, Saturday in Redmond

Hello Music lovers!

The Yoginis are playing both nights this weekend! You can catch us either on the Seattle side Friday night or the Eastside Saturday night!

Yogi and the Yoginis:
Through the compositions of pianist Yogi McCaw, the Yoginis incorporate Jazz, Samba, and Afro-Cuban Rhythms to deliver an authentic fusion of cultures.

Friday, March 23rd 7pm - 9pm
Egan's Ballard Jamhouse
1707 NW Market St
Seattle WA 98107

Egan's is Ballard's newest jazz hotspot.
"Egan's Ballard Jam House is dedicated to the cultivation of small venue performance and innovation in the jazz club tradition. We also have a great dinner menu!"
All ages, too! The 7pm set at Egan's is open to all ages - so bring your young music students!

Saturday March 24th 8pm-10pm
SoulFood Bookstore
15748 Redmond Way (behind Canyon's)
Redmond WA 98052

Soulfood Bookstore is a nice intimate Eastside venue. They have a

beautiful wooden stage and a choice Bose PA system.
They serve tea, coffee,and healthy snacks. Kids OK, bring 'em!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Yogi's music World (V 2.0!)

Hello everyone!

We’re back with the newly remodeled Blog! You like the look? We hope so!

Today we have the next Yoginis gigs coming up (March 9th, 23rd, and 24th). I am working on posting new pix from happenings here and there (and yes, emailing some of you the pictures I promised – I haven’t forgotten!).
Hopefully I will be able to run other features as well (I am in the process of brainstorming and evaluating ideas).

This first post covers the Yoginis gigs in March. There will be the Yogi McCaw Trio with Burt Boice on bass and Ed Mays on drums working out at the Coffee To A Tea, a favorite place for us to make a joyful noise. That’s this Friday night, here’s the scoop:

Yogi McCaw Trio
Coffee To A Tea
Friday, March 9th (this Friday!)
4541 California Ave SW
Seattle WA 98116 (206) 937-1495
Just a few storefronts north of West Seattle's famous Easy Street Records at the Alaska St/California Ave Junction.
All ages, kid friendly - NO COVER (we greatly appreciate a small donation!)

The Yoginis full group will be playing March 23 at the Beautiful Egan’s Jamhouse:

Egan's Ballard Jamhouse
Friday March 23rd 7-9:30pm
1707 NW Market St
Seattle WA 98107
7pm -Cover is $5.00
Look for our name on the marquis!

And also March 24th a return to Redmond’s SoulFood Bookstore

SoulFood Bookstore
15748 Redmond Way (behind Canyon's)
Satyurday, March 24th 8-10pm
Redmond WA 98052
8pm No COVER (again, donations appreciated)

Soulfood Bookstore is a nice intimate Eastside venue. They have a beautiful wooden stage and a choice Bose PA system.
They serve tea and coffee, Kids OK, bring 'em!

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Time for a change

Well, if you visit this blog, you have probably noticed that there have been no new posts or newsletters since Jan 1st.

Basically, the newsletters were getting very long, and since I know a lot of musicians around Seattle, the task of researching and reposting all their gigs was becomiong very time-consuming. This is compounded by the fact that I now have a day job on the Microsoft campus (which I actually enjoy very much, believe it or not), and add in the fact that I have started doing more of the bandleader tasks for my band besides writing the music and organizing the musicians, such as promo related activities, web-related stuff like the Yoginis MySpace Site (check out the new look, y'all !), Yoginis Sonic Bids site and other websites I still have to tweak.

Plus rehearsing the group, and I am in the process of converting all my old hand-written charts from music manuscript over to Finale charts that I can email to people and print as PDFs and such.

Plus I have been enjoying playing with Don Baragiano's Hejira a world fusion band that has a strong Arabic/Middle Eastern influence. We do a lot of work with bellydancers and also new agey stuff like music meditation events.

So I'm, uh, busy most of the time.

Sooooo...I have to rethink this site.

What I might do is shift the focus so that it's more about my groups and use this space like a blog is more usually used - you know, to blab about our group, gigs I went to, people I met on the scene and post up pix and stuff.

For all my Friends Groups, I might create a link list that will transport you directly to their MySpace site or Homepage, where you can get all the latest and greatest from them too. Maybe I'll include brief descriptions so you'll be able to choose which bands you might be interested in.

Give me another week or two.. I'll re-invent, re-incarnate, or re-whatever the blog, and then send you all an email to visit this and all the other updated sites I have been working on.


Until then - stay in the groove...Cheers!

Monday, January 01, 2007

Pix, y'all!

Hi everyone. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

I want to thank everyone that came out to see the Yoginis on last Saturday and make our gig a success. Also all of you that went to any of the shows listed on this blog. Without you, the people, coming to the shows, the whole system breaks down for both the venues and the musicians. Also crucial is telling your friends about the bands you like, referring people to this weblog or other sources of information about the musicians and the shows.
So I want to thank everyone who overcomes the stay-at-home syndrome, turns off the TV and logs off the web, and actually gets out and goes to shows. We don’t take you for granted at all. Don’t be fooled by us prancing around on stage. You are the ones that make it happen.

It also occurred to me that I have been collecting a lot of pictures of my band and my friend’s groups. Given that I have gotten good feedback when I put pix on the blog (such as from my travels) I wanted to share some of these with you too. I can't remeber everyone's names, (especially in the Phat Phunk Phamily) but I've tried to cover most. Quick links to the groups:

The Yoginis at Egan's Ballard Jam House in Seattle

Triple Bill at the Sunset Tavern in Seattle
Phat Phunk Phamily
The Talismen

The Yoginis at Egan's Ballard Jamhouse

The marquee!Yours trulySamia PanniJohnny CongaBurt BoiceEd Mays

I also played with Amusicator on Fri 12-29-06 at the Sunset Tavern in Seattle

Dawa and FlautistAlicia

The same night was the Phat Phunk Phamily, hot off five months in the studio.

That's right- 5 singers!
CydneyThe Horn section
Big Daddy GaryGreg

And last was the Talismen, who put on a world-class reggae show and topped it off by giving away their CD!