Saturday, February 24, 2007

Time for a change

Well, if you visit this blog, you have probably noticed that there have been no new posts or newsletters since Jan 1st.

Basically, the newsletters were getting very long, and since I know a lot of musicians around Seattle, the task of researching and reposting all their gigs was becomiong very time-consuming. This is compounded by the fact that I now have a day job on the Microsoft campus (which I actually enjoy very much, believe it or not), and add in the fact that I have started doing more of the bandleader tasks for my band besides writing the music and organizing the musicians, such as promo related activities, web-related stuff like the Yoginis MySpace Site (check out the new look, y'all !), Yoginis Sonic Bids site and other websites I still have to tweak.

Plus rehearsing the group, and I am in the process of converting all my old hand-written charts from music manuscript over to Finale charts that I can email to people and print as PDFs and such.

Plus I have been enjoying playing with Don Baragiano's Hejira a world fusion band that has a strong Arabic/Middle Eastern influence. We do a lot of work with bellydancers and also new agey stuff like music meditation events.

So I'm, uh, busy most of the time.

Sooooo...I have to rethink this site.

What I might do is shift the focus so that it's more about my groups and use this space like a blog is more usually used - you know, to blab about our group, gigs I went to, people I met on the scene and post up pix and stuff.

For all my Friends Groups, I might create a link list that will transport you directly to their MySpace site or Homepage, where you can get all the latest and greatest from them too. Maybe I'll include brief descriptions so you'll be able to choose which bands you might be interested in.

Give me another week or two.. I'll re-invent, re-incarnate, or re-whatever the blog, and then send you all an email to visit this and all the other updated sites I have been working on.


Until then - stay in the groove...Cheers!