Thursday, July 19, 2007

Yoginis Groups at Jai Thai, Third Place Books , and the Jet

Hi Seattle World Music Lovers,

Here's three upcoming shows in July featuring different combinations of members of my group the Yoginis doing our samba-jazz thing.
Come on out. Turn your friends on to our sound. We get a lot of good response from folks. Here's the scoop:

Yogi McCaw Trio
Yogi, Burt Boice - Bass, Ricardo Guity - Latin Percussion
Jai Thai Lounge - No Cover!
Friday July 20 9pm
235 Broadway E (at Thomas)
Seattle WA 98102

The hip Jai Thai Lounge at the center of Coolsville , Broadway

and Thomas on the Hill.
Special Thanks to Paula Maya!

Yoginis Full Band
Third Place Books
Fri July 27 7:30pm
17171 Bothell Way NE
Lake Forest Park
WA 98155 (206) 366-3333

Here's your rare opportunity to hear the full Yoginis sound, with our great multi-lingual vocalist Samia Panni, the famous Johnny Conga, and top horn talent Bob Antolin, along with the "power trio" of Yogi, Burt and Ed. Serious grooving. Don't miss!
Third place books - nice big stage, lots of eats at the nearby food court, great sound, all ages,
Again - no cover charge! Lots of good things about this gig.

Yoginis Quartet
Yogi - keys, Burt Boice, bass - Ed Mays drums, and JC Johnny Conga on Latin Percussion
This one's with the Ticklejunk All Stars opening! Rumor has it original Yoginis Sax Man Mike Deasy might there with us too!
At Everett's new Jet Bar and Grill, brought to you by the owner of the renowned Jet Deck where many legendary parties went down in Jet Town.
Um...prepare to gro-o-o-ove. As Frank Zappa said, "Get down with your bad Self, (so to speak)!"

Yoginis Quartet
Jet Bar and Grill
July 28 10pm
800 164th St SE(at Bothell Hwy)
Mill Creek WA 98012 tel 206-353-3419
Ticklejunk All Stars 9pm
Special Thanks to Josh Paar Jopa Music

That's it for now. More soon...