Friday, January 30, 2009

After our memorial show for Mike Deasy at the Navya Lounge, we had so much fun, and the place is so nice that we decided to do it every week! So...we are hosting a jazz/world music jam session Sundays 7:30 - 10pm at Navya. Drop in for listening, eats, or if you are a player, some jams!

Usually it will be me on keys and Burt Boice on bass and Ed Mays holding the rhythm section. Of course there will be guests on all instruments at different times.
(We are hoping that some of the players that came last week (Beth and Jim Wulffe, Tim Romain, Hilary Harris) will grace us with their musicianship, and aim to attract the likes of Trumpeter Harv Leonard and Sax Man Mike Yasutake - and ---YOU!
Horns and Singers bring your charts and let's make some joyful noises!

Sunday Jazz Jam with
Yogi and Friends
Navya Lounge
1333 5th Ave (in Rainier Square Center)
Seattle Wa 98101

Sunday, January 11, 2009

I'm ba-a-a-ck!

Hi Everyone,

I am Back after a blog hiatus . I am going to try to re-invent this place. I had wanted to list all the gigs I thought were good in town, but that became overwhelming as I am playing in four different configurations of musicians right now plus holding a full time job! One side effect of that is my time to go to other group's gigs has become more limited since I'm always working on one of the projects I am involved in.

I will still try to get some gigs listed, but the listings won't be as comprehensive, and the blog is going to have to be more focused on the music I am involved in directly. So...PLEASE check the band sites on the right sidebar - I will try to keep the links updated. Also - bands are sending me their gigs in email, on facebook and myspace, so I will try to get listings out ion emails every couple of weeks or so like I was doing before.

I expect to be traveling some more over the coming years, so I will use the blog as a travel log too - send pictures from farway places and all that...

So...slow;y, slowly, I'll startre-establishing my presence on the scene again. Next post will be gigs and then a newsletter.

Cheers everyone and happy 2009!