Saturday, April 04, 2009

Yogi's projects update

Yogi's projects update:

Here's the projects I am currently involved in and what's going on with them:

Alex Kajumulo (aka Babukaju) we are playing at the Bellevue Community College on April 20th, a Monday, at 10pm. We seem to be getting a lot of airplay on college stations around the world. We will also be in Olympia at the 4th Ave Pub again on May 30th where we played a packed house last month. Be there for the live concert video we will make. July will see us headlining at the Black Community Festival at Judkins Park in Seattle.
He has music on the Alex Kajumulo myspace page where he has passed the 700,000 listeners mark. The song "Global Warming" seems to be attracting attention as well.

I rehearse and gig occasionally with Martin NTerry's soul reggae group. He is also working on some international promo here, in Europe, and Africa.

I have started to be the keyboardist every Friday night at the Ocean City Ballroom in Chinatown, part of the Ocean City Restaurant enterprise. I back the well-known Chinese singers Shanel and Yadong. Come prepared for some international ballroom-style dancing and great Chinese entrees. The ballroom usually is filled. We start 7:30pm

And I have the Sunday night jazz/world jam session at the Navya Lounge in Seattle's famous Rainier Square center. We start at 7:30pm.

Those are the things I occupy my music time with these days.