Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Gigs of my friends

Hello Music Lovers,

My friends Lucky and Gopal Singh had a successful opening night with DJ Can-Can. She played a mix of rap, hip-hop, Bollywood and Old Skool. The Maharaja had a special drink called Electric Ice Tea that was popular.

The Maharaja will be having Bhangra/Bollywood night on Thursdays now, 10pm-2am, and then on Saturdays we'll get the mix from DJ Can-Can. Appetizers will be free during the music hours. Hint: The Vegetable Samosas are very good!

Maharaja Restaurant, 720 E Pike St (one block west of Broadway, next to the BMW dealership)206-320-0334. They also have take out service and daily buffets.

In addition, I will be booking some shows here on Friday nights. If you have a good idea to bring in 30-50 people with live music on a Friday night, email me at

I went to Nectar in Fremont last night to see Michael Shrieve's Tangletown, and got there too late. They play from 10pm to midnight Tuesdays. I will be there next Tuesday. Michael Shrieve gained fame young in life by playing with the original Santana band. He is the 16-year-old drumming prodigy that played the famous solo at Woodstock. He's not still 16 years old, obviously, but he still plays with as much energy!

He has been living here for several years now, and Tangletown is his new group. My friend Johhnny Conga does latin percussion duties with them. They packed the place last night, and I saw many musicians in the crowd. So I am going next week. See you there.

I als have good friends in a band called the Phat Phunk Phamily. They are truly a family band, with most of their members closely blood-related. They play uplifting soulful grooves, and have a number of talented vocalists, rappers, and instrumentalists. It's a big band, it's a phat sound, check it out. That's my friend Cydney Johnson holding down the Keyboard duties, and my friend Greg on tight drumming.

My friend Elizabeth Carpenter, a very talented and versatile singer and composer will be at Tost on March 8th (that's a Tuesday night). She has new stuff from her third CD to showcase for us.

Paula Maya will be at Nectar this Saturday, the 26th. Here's what I have to say about Paula's band: If you haven't seen them, then where the hell have you been? Waiting for the Second Coming? Get it together and see this band, for crying out loud!

OK, enough raves for some of my friend's groups.

If you want me to post up about your gigs, let me know and I'll check it out. If it passes the Yogi Test, you're in. To pass the Yogi Test, you must have a band that sounds good, and yes, has some redeeming value, like a positive message or at least positive grooves.

And be cool. Whiners get the delete button. Yogi likes chill people with a friendly vibe.


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