Sunday, June 21, 2009

Yogismusic News June 21 2009

We greatly benefited from and enjoyed our space as featured artists on the Jazz Network Worldwide, and now the CD review by Steve Getz is still featured there below the current artists of the week profile.

I also have an interview coming up on KBCS Bellevue Daily Planet Show hosted by Sharon Stevens.
I will be on at 4pm this Tuesday, June 23rd. Check out KBCS Radio online streaming or at 91.3 on your dial. They also archive the shows now. There's a wealth of world music from all countries and traditions there. It's really quite amazing what they have there.

I am also working on setting up an interview at KAOS independent radio in Olympia WA sometime in July, before our August 1st show at the 4th Ave Alehouse there.

And my sideman shows:

Looking forward to appearing with Alex Kajumulo at the Black Community Festival in Judkins Park on July 4th at 4pm.

And I am very happy to announce my appearance with African guitarist/composer Guillaume Mpacko on July 8th on the Microsoft campus in Redmond, at the sports field by the new Microsoft Commons shopping area. I am not sure if you have to be a "Softee" to attend - more on that as the time approaches.

I also have my appearance at the Sunday Jazz Jam at Seattle Mobile Espresso, this time hosted by singer Nelea Lloyd, and we are known as Jazz Montage.
Jazz Montage and Jam session
with Singer Nelea Lloyd
Sunday 7:30pm - 10pm
Seattle Mobile Espresso
13000 Linden Ave N (1 block west if Aurora)
Seattle WA

As usual, I will be at the Ocean City this Friday with Chinese pop singer Shanel Hsu, dishing out the Chinese ballroom faves. It's a nice event - you should attend. No cover, but you are expected to buy dinner. Although famous for their lunchtime dim-sum, I can tell you dinner is really excellent there too!

Shanel, Yogi and Don play
International Ballroom Dancing
Friday 7:30 - 10pm
Ocean City Restaurant Ballroom
609 S Weller St
Seattle, WA 98104
(206) 623-2333

Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Yoginis featured this week on The Jazz Network Worldwide

I want to thank Jai Jai Jackson for her awesome work over at the Jazz Network Worldwide and for allowing us to feature our music there for a week! She is providing an invaluable service to the indie-jazz community.


I also want to thank Steve Getz (son of Stan Getz, one of the world's most famous jazz musicians), the staff reviewer there, for writing a very nice review of our new CD Terra Shivaiya, which I am reprinting here:

Yogi McCaw, leader, composer and keyboardist presents here his new release:" Yogi and The Yoginis- Terra Shivaiya: Six East-Six West". Yogi has assembled a diverse and talented group of multi-cultural musicians, all in one superb recording offering an esoteric,unique collage, a fusion of jazz and multi-cultural music! Seattle native Yogi McCaw has taken exceptional care in putting this project together, which was recorded over a course of several years on two continents-In the US and in India. The musicians come from the traditions of Jazz, Latin, Brazilian, Indian Classical, Reggae and African music! This is truly a one of a kind recording! This writer does not know of another recording offering such a rich infusion of multi-cultural music which blends different, diverse music, all together in one CD!

Congratulations, Yogi McCaw, on a fine and most unique recording!

Steve Getz
The Jazz Network Worldwide
June 2009