Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Yoginis featured this week on The Jazz Network Worldwide

I want to thank Jai Jai Jackson for her awesome work over at the Jazz Network Worldwide and for allowing us to feature our music there for a week! She is providing an invaluable service to the indie-jazz community.


I also want to thank Steve Getz (son of Stan Getz, one of the world's most famous jazz musicians), the staff reviewer there, for writing a very nice review of our new CD Terra Shivaiya, which I am reprinting here:

Yogi McCaw, leader, composer and keyboardist presents here his new release:" Yogi and The Yoginis- Terra Shivaiya: Six East-Six West". Yogi has assembled a diverse and talented group of multi-cultural musicians, all in one superb recording offering an esoteric,unique collage, a fusion of jazz and multi-cultural music! Seattle native Yogi McCaw has taken exceptional care in putting this project together, which was recorded over a course of several years on two continents-In the US and in India. The musicians come from the traditions of Jazz, Latin, Brazilian, Indian Classical, Reggae and African music! This is truly a one of a kind recording! This writer does not know of another recording offering such a rich infusion of multi-cultural music which blends different, diverse music, all together in one CD!

Congratulations, Yogi McCaw, on a fine and most unique recording!

Steve Getz
The Jazz Network Worldwide
June 2009
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