Monday, July 13, 2009

Yogi's Interview on KBCS

Hi Everyone,

I had a great interview on KBCS 91.3 FM ( with Sharon Stevens on Daily Planet on June 23rd. We discussed how the album was made in both India and the USA, and talk about the musicians on the record as well.

I have posted the excerpts up on my websites for your listening pleasure! The excerpts are minus the songs because you can listen to those in the music players on the sites (or even better, buy the CD to help support all this planet-hopping and music-making!)

Interview and songs at
The Yoginis band is
MySpace site is
Music newsletter is

Buy the CD as an MP3 album at the following online stores:

Search "Yogi and the Yoginis" at the ITunes Store,
OR use any of the following links

or listen on

"Yogi has assembled a diverse and talented group of multi-cultural musicians, all in one superb recording
offering an esoteric,unique collage, a fusion of jazz and multi-cultural music!"
-Steve Getz, Writer/Reviewer
The Jazz Network Worldwide

"Delightful to listen to! Really beautiful!"
- Barbie Danielle De Carlo
Music Director, KBCS radio Bellevue WA
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