Thursday, January 10, 2013

Already 2013 is getting busy with Seattle's jazz/world music scene. Great that everyone is gigging! I want to remind musicians how important it is to put a short phrase or sentence that describes your music in your event listing. I know it's tempting to think that "everyone" already knows us, but guess what, "everyone" may not know you or your music yet. If you are like me, you want people who haven't heard you before to come to your show - so give them a little enticement with a short phrase that tells them about your music. Have great shows!

Thurs 1/10 5-7:30pm
The Michael Gotz Trio
Triple Door Musicquarium
216 Union Street Seattle

Thurs 1/10 5:30pm
Evan's 34th Birthday Concert
Says Evan: I am excited to present new music as well as the awesome band that I have performing the music.
The Frye Museum
704 Terry Ave, Seattle

Thurs 1/10 8pm-2am
The official celebration for "CLOSER TO US" Big World Breaks' Music Video Premiere & Free Digital Single Release
Nectar Lounge
412 N. 36th St, Seattle

Thurs 1/10 8:30-11pm
Stephanie Porter Hosts THE PEOPLES JAM SESSION
Wine Tea Chocolate
3417 Evanston Ave. N. #102, Seattle

Friday 1/11 9pm
Your New Birthday with....
Crystal Beth & the Boom Boom Band, Nu Klezmer Army, Werebearcat, and Death By Stars
The Josephine
608 NW 65th st N., Seattle

Friday 1/11 6-9pm
Anubis Nights at Harissa
Join us Friday evening for live Middle Eastern / World music by Bahaa Sadak on keys, George Sadak on rhythm toys
Belly dancing by Nazaneen and her talented student Amber Fyall
Harissa Mediterranean
2255 NE 65th St., Seattle

Friday 1/11 7pm
Los Buhos
Laura Oviedo - vox/guitar/perc., Marc Smason - trombone/vox/perc. & Bruce Barnard - guitar
El Quetzal
3209 Beacon Ave S. Seattle

Friday 1/11 7pm
Cuban Rumba Workshop with Arturo Rodriguez
Private Residence - Ravenna Neighborhood 6534 23rd Avenue Northeast Seattle

Friday 1/11 7-9:30pm
Pacific Northwest Folklore Society Presents Choro Tocando
The Couth Buzzard Books & Espresso
8310 Greenwood Ave North, Seattle

Friday 1/11 8pm
gust burns & greg campbell / chris credit & marcus wood
gust burns & greg campbell perform improvised music on piano and percussion.
chris credit & marcus wood provide a mix of improvisation and original tunes with electronics/guitar/horns.
Gallery 412
1412 18th Ave, Seattle

Friday 1/11 8pm
The Royal Room
5000 Rainier Ave South, Seattle

Saturday 1-12 9pm
MB Orchestra and Belly Dancers
MB Orchestra and Belly dancing with some of the top dancers in the Northwest
Harissa Mediterranean Cuisine
2255 NE 65th St., Seattle

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