Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Yogi's Folklife Picks

I expect to see thousands carrying around my guide this weekend (hahaha).

Visit the NW Folklife site for more info and a map of the grounds. OK, folks, here we go:


5pm: West Coastal Folk - band of Alex Perlman, with my friend David McCaslan in the group On the Fisher Green Stage

8:30pm Paula Maya Band - Eclectic World Rock - the Rainier Room


Colors and Cutures of India 11am - 2pm. McCaw Hall OK, I don't know any of the performers here personally, but as you know, I'm a sucker for Indian culture and music. And Seattle is blessed to have some really top notch Indian artists, so I know this will be worth going early to Folklife for.

West African Griot Traditions Show.

12:30pm Fountain Lawn Stage Mapathe Diop - ever hear of the Senegalese "Sabar" drum? If not, you should go to this.

Souleymane N'Diaye, at 1:20pm also of Senegal. This guy is a local treasure that we are lucky to have here in Seattle.

At 2:10pm - Naby Camara's Lagni Sussu - Hey I am in this band! So it's a must-see. Actually, if you've never seen the two-time Canadian Juno Award Winning Naby Camara and his simply amazing balafon playing, then you need to be there. Me- I just stand on stage and smile, as usual.

At 3pm, Thione Diop - a world class African drum workout, in case you haven't danced beyond the point of oblivion during the first three shows.

Hindustani Classical Music 2-4pm, McCaw Hall
Deepa Banerjee 2:10pm, Bindaas 2:50pm, and The Mishras 3:30pm Find a comfortable seat, close your eyes, and let the deep tones of India transport you
to inner musical enlightenment. That sounds humorous, but don't be fooled: I mean it. This is deep music. This is India.

Classical Traditions of Asia Show3-5pm, Intiman Theatre

Wu Ziyang -3pm, Chinese Guqin (Zither-like instrument), and K. Sridhar 4pm - Northern Indian/World styles

New World Order Show 7-10pm Mural Amphitheatre

Babukishan/Gypsy India 7pm More excellent Indian culture and music
Flow Motion 8pm I haven't seen these guys yet, but they're scrunched between two other great acts,so I think I'll be there. Their blurb says "rich vocals and funky grooves".
Children of the Revolution 9pm One of Seattle's most well established "World Gypsy" Bands. It's worth your time to find out why. Always a rowdy good time and plenty of talent with these guys.


Mag Kaisa, The Filipino Show 2-5pm International Dance stage.
The three hour extravaganza ends with "Tawag Ng Tanghalan" Singing Champions of 2004. These guys are the Filipino version of American Idol's best of 2004. Let me tell you, my Filipino friends go bonkers over this stuff. I'll probably be there by default, because my Filipino friends are very close to my heart, as those of you who know me are already aware of.

Urembo Wa Afrika, "Beautiful Africa" 4:30-5:30pm, Intiman Theatre. Subtitled "Africa in Music, Dance, and Fashion", the name says it all. Enjoy the
profound and lasting cultural contributions of a continent that is really struggling in these times. God Bless Africa!

Kane Mathis5-5:30pm Mandinka Harp Music of West Africa, Nesholm Family Lecture Hall in McCaw Hall. Kane's music is entrancing. He plays with Naby Camara sometimes too, and the Mandinka Harp/Balafon combination can really create some beautiful music spaces.

The Balkan Dance Party 5-11pm at Seattle Center. Six hours of Balkan madness?? What the hell is this all about? Good thing there's places to buy beer in the center House. I know I'd need at least two three to get through something like this. Balkanarama at 10:15 I've seen before, and the word "Hot" in their description is right on. You will be well rewarded for staying late to see them. Heck, Monday's a holiday, you don't have to go home early! Enjoy!

The Brazilian Show starts at 6pm at the Mural Amphitheatre
Show Brazil! which is Eduardo Mendonca's group at 9pm, is always one of my favorites. He deserves the headliner spot on the gig, no doubt about it.


Cuchata3:30pm Bagley Lawn Stage. Latino Soul music - need I say more?

Anzanga Marimba Ensemble 4pm Fountain Lawn Stage. One of Seattle's first marimba groups, still sounding great after all these years

Ancient Sounds 4:40pm Fountain Lawn Stage. Newest project of Rob Pastorak and TJ Morris, the dynamic duo that gave us Maya Soleil. TJ's Swedish wife Petra sings like an angel. You should just stay after Anzanga and catch these guys. You went to Anzanga, right? Good boys and girls!

The Reggae Show starts at 6pm at the Mural Amphitheatre. A Seattle Folklife tradition. Bring a blanket, get comfy, dig in, light up (did I really say that?) and get ready to dance. Adrian Xavier starts it off. I must know half of the group at least. Xavier's music is totally positive, and with Bob Antolin on saxes, and wicked, wicked, wicked Jamaican-born Lennox Holman on deep bass grooves, he's gonna lay it down yet again. This is one of my favorite local reggae groups, no bones about it.Cannon/Lion of Judah and Nuffsed will finish you off. Go ahead - let yourself sink into some deep Rasta chants. Release, relax, Jah Rastafari!


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