Friday, September 28, 2012

This Weekend's Jazz/World Music Shows

Hey Everyone,

It occurs to me belatedly that the best days to publish my weekly blog post is actually Monday or Tuesday. Kind of missed it this week! As always, to get your show posted, invite me with an FB event. (If you are an artist, and you don't make FB events for your stuff...well......)

So, to catchup, I'm posting this weekend's gigs today, and then I'll get back on posting schedule next week. These are shows I have been invited to via FB events, that have a Jazz/World Music focus. Any of these should be a blast to go to. I actually know most of the musicians and can personally recommend all these shows.

Rochelle House and Tim Kennedy
Lakeside Bistro
11425 Rainier Ave S

Killer Bees @ Mekong Village
12020 Aur Ave N Seattle 6pm

Nikki Dee Trio w Karin Kajita and Miguel Ramos
The Sorrento Hotel Foreside Lounge
900 Madison Street, Seattle, WA 98104 7:30pm

4culture Touring Artist Roster Series 2012
Seattle Center Playhouse 201 Mercer St 98109
Les Caravanes African/World Performance Group
feat Franchesska Berry, Thione Diop and Tor Dietrichson, others

Penelope Donado w Dawn Clemnet and Paul Gabrielson
Cafe Paloma 93 Yesler way, Seattle 7:30pm

Barbie Anaka @ Salty's
1936 Harbor Avenue. S.W., Seattle 8pm


Thione Diop's Afro Groove
The Rpyal Room 5000 Rainier Ave South, Seattle 9pm

Forro with Encanto(Forro is a Traditional Brazilian Music
) Jamie Maschler and Rosalyn DeRoos
Union Cultural Center
803 south king st, Seattle 9pm

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