Saturday, September 22, 2012

We're back! This week's gigs on Yogis Music World

All you Zombie dudes and Vampirellas have nothing on us! Yogis Music World is BACK! BWA_HA_HA_HA!

Actually, I went out to China Town's Ocean City Restaurant late last night, where they were celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival, and connected with many old friends from my days of gigging there. The incredible arranger/keyboardist Alan Cai, and music Friend Don Zuniga as well. Also I ran into Miho Takekawa, who told me she used to be an avid follower of this blog, and said she wished I still did the blog and listed the world music gigs around Seattle.

I had no idea - people were apparently paying attention! Miho has inspired me to get back in the loop! So PLEASE - WORLD MUSICIANS in SEATTLE - friend me on my Facebook page and invite me to your shows and events! That's my primary source for the listings here. Otherwise, email me at Also ask me about the Seattle Jazz scene meetup to post your jazz gigs there.

I am limiting it to world music and world fusion music here. I know many of you have great blues bands, r&b bands, reggae bands, and rock bands (I myself play in some of them), but here is for world music and world fusion. Thanks!

ALSO - check the FEATURED BAND link on the right - currently it's Tor Dietrichson's Global Village. Tor's impressive musical resume goes back 4 decades, and he's still spearheading several projects around town. I have had the great pleasure of having Tor as a friend, and also as a guest performer at many of my shows. So be sure to catch up with him and his music!

OK here's the listings. This is of course by no means comprehensive or final. I am willing to add to this, so contact me. Usually, a week ahead or more is best, so people will have time to see it and plan to come to your show:

Today (Sunday 9/23/12):

3:30pm Jovino Santos Neto and the All Nations Cup Orchestra

6pm Full Circle Jazz Ensemble at El Malecon 1122 Post Ave Seattle ( @ Seneca St in Pike Place Market area)(206)623-7203

This week - Monday 9/25 8pm until ?
World music jam session at Paratii Craft bar in Ballard Seattle
5463 Leary Ave NW Ballard - Seattle, WA 98107 (206) 420-7406 (Sorry no webpage made for this)

Wednesday 9/26- Brazilian Jazz Jam Session at Cafe Con Leche in SoDo Seattle

Friday 9/28The 4Culture Touring Artist 2012 concert series

Saturday 9/29 Thione Diop's Afro Groove at the Royal Room

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