Monday, December 27, 2004

Monday morning....

It seems everything I have to do in life happens on Monday morning....and of course I slept in and got a late start!

No worries...another day of trying to finish up moving and arrangementrs. With luck, maybe I can set up the music room here in the new place and actually practice some music for a change - what a concept!

Last night I spent fixing a friend's computer - she had an Internet Explorer problem that was apparently being caused by some patch from Microsoft that she downloaded to fix something else. This happens a lot with Microsoft products, it seems.

I have been using Firefox lately, and it's good, but it has been catching on so fast that some types of support aren't yet available. For example, to watch news clip footage at I had to revert back to Internet Explorer because their site doesn't yet support Firefox.

Speaking of news, I was viewing the disastrous tsunamis that happened yesterday in the Indian Ocean. My God, what tremendous suffering! In one part of a live footage clip on CNN you could actually see children trying to cling to a building and being swept out to sea. I hope the USA and the world drop their squabbles temporarily and try to help these people as much as possible.

They said a number 9 earthquake off the coast of Indonesia caused the giant waves. A number 9 earthquake is no joke, people! It ripped a hole on the ocean floor hundreds of miles long!

Just so we Seattle people take note - a number 9 earthquake has been repeatedly forecast as a possibility for the Puget Sound area. The Nisqually quake here a couple of years ago was a number 6. The San Francisco quake a few years back was around a 7 I think.

So figure this - multiply the San Francisco quake by 10 to get a number 8 quake, then multiply the number 8 quake by another 10 to get a number 9.

That's right, my fellow Puget Sounders - San Francisco quake times 100. That's what happened yesterday near Sumatra.

Think about it.


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