Tuesday, December 28, 2004

The Piano

Well, today I was to move my piano, a baby grand, from my old place to the new place. Really, I shouldn't say "I" because I didn't move it. I hired it out to some professional piano movers. They did a great job of getting it out of the old place. But the rig they had was not suitable for climbing the hill with its three switch backs which leads up to my new place. So... they have to transfer it to another truck, and will bring it later - probably Friday.

I sure am glad there are people who specialize in moving pianos!

We are waiting to see if the Wet City Rockers are going to play a New Year's gig. I should know tomorrow. I'll post and email the location if its a go.

I finally set up my gear and practiced some tonite. It felt really good.

I want to post up some songs here and more pix tomorrow too.

Bedtime for Bonzo now. Bye!

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