Thursday, December 23, 2004

Welcome again

Well, the little boy's Mom has taken him to Seattle, so I can get back to introducing you to my blog.

My music projects are my group, the Yoginis , and a band called Off The Record, which plays American R & B standards. I also play with an African Musician named Naby Camara , and I have an ongoing commitment to The African Knights.

My newest involvement is with an the Indian singer Chandana and her husband Sanjeev. I am very excited about it. It involves taking Chandana's excellent Indian songs and arranging them over western influenced beats and chord changes. She's an accomplished singer in India and you will be hearing more from her. Already she has many students here in the Seattle area. Her husband Sanjeev is a Q-Base master. Also working with us is the LA jazz guitarist Tony Henderson, who has played with me in my other groups at times. As this project evolves, and we make a website and play performances, we will keep you posted about the whole thing.

I usually record at the Studio Makuti, which my good friends Michel and Rosa Tyabji have. Their record label, Limitless Sky Records, has released music which has gotten very good reviews in the New York Times, the Village Voice, and other national publications. I am proud that the Yoginis CD will be on their label when it comes out.

I also have very many good friends making music in the Seattle area. My mentor and teacher is the great Brazilian pianist Jovino Santos Neto, a veteran of the world famous band of Hermeto Pascoal, and he helps immensely with his insights and suggestions. I go to his studio at the Cornish School of the Arts for my lessons with him.

One of my dearest friends is Paula Maya, who is a very strong composer, also from Brazil, whose records have also received very good reviews nationwide. She co-hosts the Brazilian music show Raizes, on the station KBCS.

Another mentor is Johnny Conga, who really helps me on the Latin side. He's a quite accomplished conguero from New York City and Miami. His band, Tumba Caliente plays a lot at the salsa dancing venues around town. He hosts the latin music show everySaturday night on KBCS.

And my good friends Suzy and Teri, the hearts of the Sister Guitar Band. The girls kick butt. Suzy sings R & B like nobody's business, and Teri's guitar drives it over the top. A must see group, if you live around Seattle.

And I could keep going, but you get the idea.....feel free to follow up, post, share, etc.

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